System Integration

Technology integration is a common task in most product development processes. This is usually a temporary task that require additional resources and expertise in a specific field. Our engineering team has completed many integration projects and has knowledge and expertise necessary to determine the best strategy and to implement integration.

Product Development

Regardless of the size of the initial project, we always aim for long-term partnership.

Our customers trust us with their product on all lifecycle stages, from the idea to the initial release, maintenance and support.

We cover all aspects of product development and maintenance lifecycle, from planning and coding to quality assurance and maintenance.

Architecture Consulting

Whether you are designing brand new product, integrating a subsystem or need help improving performance, we can help. Our consultant will collaborate with your team for a period of several days to several weeks to analyse requirements and work on a solution proposal. During architectural assignment, we review requirements taking into account project budget, implementation time constraints, team skillset and resources availability. We will help you to choose the right mixture of technology to meet all functional and budgetary requirements of your product. We complete the assignment with delivery of a set of architectural artifacts, including proposed solution specification and diagrams followed by Q&A session with a team.

Rapid prototyping

The importance of rapid prototyping in is paramount. Right prototype can provide not only the proof of concept and early feedback but also clarity in delivery timelines and product visualization for stakeholders and investors.

Depending on your business needs, we will build any level of prototype:

  • Mockups
  • Linked UX screens
  • Fully functional modules
  • Technology proof of concept